What Do Clients Love About The Howley Law Firm?

Our clients can always count on us for skilled, knowledgeable, and compassionate legal counsel. To get a better idea of how we can assist you, take a look at these testimonials written by clients who have worked with us on their most important cases. We hope to do the same for you.

He provided a very strategic and effective approach in resolving complex legal issues.  He aggressively advocated for our interests as a client and timely informed us of any developments.  He readily anticipated and skillfully addressed matters that could significantly have an impact in our case.

L.L., New York, N.Y.

John is a very attentive individual and it was a pleasure working with him.  His knowledge of litigation is very thorough and he simplified the process for me.  I wholeheartedly recommend his legal services.

S.H., Staten Island, N.Y.

I contacted so many attorneys none of them satisfied me.  I searched some more and found Mr. John Howley, then I contacted him and was able to see him the same day.  He went over all the documents with me and gave me a thorough consultation.  He guided me on what will happen next in my case and my do’s and don’ts.  He resolved my case in less than two months by proving his professionalism, expertise and intelligence.  He is one of the greatest persons I have ever met.  I am glad I found Mr. John for my case.  I highly recommend him.

Sami A., Brooklyn, N.Y.

John Howley is efficient and knowledgeable.  He gives you realistic expectations and wastes no time.  Mr. Howley is amazing and a great person to have on your legal team.

S.J., New York, N.Y.

John Howley is very knowledgeable and spends time to explain and answer all your questions. He will go through all the steps and tell you exactly what to expect.  I’m really grateful to have had Mr. Howley as my lawyer.  I highly recommend him to anyone that may need his services.

T.B., Brooklyn, N.Y.

Mr. Howley is an effective and highly experienced attorney.  His knowledge of the law coupled with his pure intellectual ability makes him an effective advocate.

Steve Newman, New York, N.Y.

John is a wonderful attorney.  He is very intelligent and understands the big picture.

Glenn Slavin, Woodbridge, N.J.

John is intelligent and passionate.  Whenever I talk to him, his focus is on getting the best result for his client.  Whenever I need a lawyer to represent me at trial or in a dispute, the first call I make is to John Howley.

D.C., Brooklyn, N.Y.

John is a true advocate.  He comes prepared to represent his client, armed with the facts of the case and a firm grasp of all applicable laws.  He is a highly analytical and an organized thinker.  He is able to explain complex legal issues plainly.  He is a gifted communicator and, as such, never fails to connect with his target audience.  Perhaps his most outstanding quality is how he embraces his client’s cause as his when he takes on a case.

A.R., New York, N.Y.

John excels at the two most important characteristics for an attorney:  Excellent legal skills and utmost integrity.  John is scrupulously honest and doggedly determined to achieve the best result possible for the client.  I would trust him with any legal matter.

Mark Beckman, New York, N.Y.

John is an accomplished lawyer who achieves outstanding results for his clients.  He is aggressive, dedicated and extremely thorough.

Robert Georges, New York, N.Y.

I have known John Howley for more than 25 years, including many years when he was a partner in a well-known national law firm.  Since forming his own law firm, John has been doing the same brilliant work for individuals that he used to do for Fortune 500 companies.  Whenever anyone asks me to recommend a lawyer, the first name I think of is John Howley.

David Copeland, New York, N.Y.

John is an incredible attorney, possessing compassion towards his clients and depth in his understanding and application of the law.  He is what I consider an expert especially in employment and whistle blower cases.  Overall, he is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge and a very successful, results-driven attorney.

Maggi Maksoud, Bayonne, N.J.

John takes a hands-on approach to handling cases.  Because of his thorough preparation, he knew the intimate details of the case and appreciated the different issues raised.  He was also a creative advocate and an effective communicator with the ability to dissect and address complex issues in a clear and logical fashion.

Antonino Roman, White Plains, N.Y.

John Howley has been one of the best lawyers I have met.  He listened carefully and was very detailed in all aspects.  Everything has been a success.  Thank you, John!

O.R., Brooklyn, N.Y.

John is an extraordinarily skilled and experienced trial lawyer.  He is highly respected by the defense attorneys and prosecutors he faces off against.  John gets results for his clients.  As a former client I am totally satisfied with his representation.  I have referred many colleagues, friends and family members to him with the utmost trust and confidence that they are in good hands.

Michael O’C., Bayonne, N.J.

I never had to consult a lawyer before the situation that led me to John and I was so lucky to have found him.  He was extremely patient and helped me explore all of my options before I made any kind of decisions.  Together, we were able to find the best solutions to some of the issues that I had with my former employer and he made sure that every step we took was fair and in my favor.  I was so lucky to have worked with him and would work with him again anytime.

Robinson P., New York, N.Y.

I am very grateful to John Howley for his constant hard work and dedication to my situation.  He is very professional yet personable at the same time.  I highly recommend John Howley as a lawyer and advocate.

Karen Tranchina, Brooklyn, N.Y.

I hired Mr. Howley last year and I must say that this man is talented.  However my biggest compliment to him would be his patience.  It felt great to have someone in my corner that was competent and able to produce results.  Thank you!

Wanda W., Brooklyn, N.Y.