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Employment Rights

Fighting for Justice on Your Behalf

Employees have the right to be treated fairly at work. A number of state and federal laws are designed to ensure that you are hired, paid, and treated in a fair and just manner by your employers. With that in mind, you should never settle for less than you deserve. The Howley Law Firm represents professionals, executives, and employees in the areas of New York City, Long Island, and Westchester County. Our attorneys have exceptional knowledge and skill in the realm of employment law, allowing us to protect your rights efficiently and effectively.

Sexual Harassment
Workplace sexual harassment can seriously impact your work environment, your performance, and even your personal life. Our attorneys will be able to explain exactly what steps you should take to improve your situation.
Wrongful Termination
If you believe you have been fired for an illegal reason—whether your termination violates your employment contract or workplace discrimination laws—you should contact our employment lawyers as soon as possible. We’ll do everything we can to help you rectify the situation.
Unpaid Wages and Overtime
Depending on your line of work and your specific employment contract, you have the right to be paid a certain minimum wage and overtime. With our experience, we can make sure you’re being paid the legal wage and overtime that you’re owed.
Family and Medical Leave
In many cases, your employer is legally obligated to provide you with unpaid leave when you need time to handle your own healthcare needs or those of a family member. You can call us to make sure your employer complies with those obligations.
Employment Discrimination
According to state and federal laws, your employer cannot discriminate against you based on your age, sex, disability, race, religion, or national origin. Discrimination can come in many forms, but we have the necessary experience and grasp of the law to address your concerns.
H-1B and Immigrant Employment Rights
If you’re working in the US temporarily on an H-1B visa, you have a number of guaranteed legal rights. We have plenty of experience helping clients enforce their rights to fair treatment and pay, as well as their right to be free of unreasonable coercion.
Class Actions
A class action may be useful if your employment concerns are shared by other employees in your workplace. We can help you start a class action on behalf of all other workers and compel your employer to do the right thing for everyone involved.

In most cases, The Howley Law Firm works on a contingency fee basis. That means you will not pay us any legal fees unless you win. When it comes to your employment rights, however, you need to act as soon as possible, because your rights are subject to strict time limits and procedural requirements. Don’t delay—call our office today at 212-601-2728 to speak with an employment lawyer who will navigate the complex legal system on your behalf. We would be happy to schedule a confidential consultation with you.